Coming Soon : TH12 in Clash of Clans

Coming Soon: TH12 in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans recently announced plans to introduce TH12 in the next major update to Clash of Clans.SuperCell has lined up tons of content to push in the upcoming updates


Developer videos and gameplay videos will be released on its official YouTube channel soon. Town Hall 12 is a departure from how SuperCell has done previous Town Hall upgrades.

New Buildings

  • The Giga Tesla!
  • Giga Evolution
  • Giga Explosion

Town Hall 12: New Building Levels!


  • Elixir Storage level 13
  • Gold Storage level 13
  • Dark Elixir Storage level 7


  • Cannon level 16
  • Archer tower level 16
  • Mortar level 11
  • Air Defense level 10
  • Wizard Tower level 11
  • Bomb Tower level 7
  • X-Bow level 6
  • Hidden Tesla level 10
  • Inferno Tower level 6
  • Eagle Artillery level 3
  • Walls level 13 (100x pieces)


  • +1 Giant Bomb
  • +2 Spring Trap
  • +1 Seeking Air Mine
  • +2 Air Bomb
  • +1 Hidden Tesla


  • Clan Castle level 8 (+5 housing increase)
  • Laboratory level 10
  • Army Camp level 10 (+5 housing increase each)

What’s New?

Siege Machines!


Siege Machines will try to go straight into the enemy Town Hall in to release its containing troops. Every type of Siege Machine will give a new method of transporting and deploying your reinforcements during your attacks in different styles, And Once the Machine has reached the Town Hall it will self-destruct, by releasing the Clan Castle troops with it.

Types Of Seige Machines!

  • The Wall Wrecker
  • Battle Blimp

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