Far Cry 5 Review

Series Continues Far Cry 5

If you remember all Far Cry previous series, With the idea of taking whole large army down by one with hectic surroundings. Then you must have decided to keep this fate and courage going. And know how it really feels like when you play Far Cry 5. You will be taking challenges in different environmental situations, And slowly builds a great refusal to accept it. New fifth series has the new generous refinements which every FC fan would love. You will be more exploring and engage yourself in very pleasant experience. Give you an interestingly beautiful open world without many distractions.

The new features are awesome like hell, Now you can finally put in the charge of your own progression. You given 3 huge regions surround at the starting point. You’re shown all the possibilities and reaches out the maps. You might even cripple by the choice, and that’s a great issue to have.

Far Cry 5 Player-Friendly And Environmental System

Creatively, It’s an awesome player-friendly game which will always reward you no matter what you do.

There is no short map, and it’s really a good thing to happen in the series. There is a compass which helps you track direction but there’s nothing telling you about the area. You still need to go through the menu to see the world map. The absence of the short map lets you see the trees in the forest. You can focus on the world without any distraction, and lets you to feel the beauty of the natural environment–the tall Douglas firs and the craggy hills, fields and farms, the lovely rive with fishes–and lets you pay the full attention to interior details in the homes and businesses you visit, with every distinct, lived-in personality.


Far Cry 5 has altered the system to upgrade which helps you make game modes more viable. Prerequisite isn’t needed to unlock any particular skill, and nothing is progress-locked. Though, If we start the game and prefer stealthy approaches, Then we can unlock perks that allow us to run silently. And move fast while we crouched, and perform multiple takedowns.

Artificial Intelligence Support In Far Cry 5

The Artificial Intelligence that supports characters sometimes makes poor decisions. A character can be crossing a bridge and find that an enemy car has surprised you and blocking your escape. You can dart in the forest ahead to seek in cover and disturbs a cougar, who starts by following you, but turns and decides that one of your member is an easy thing to catch.

And so that is what the game is all about dynamic engagements that act as differently at times and allows you to use the game’s tools to finish it. Furthermore, It’s the same case most of the time. Still many story and side missions also include secondary activities.


  •  The beautiful open world for experimentation
  •  Discovery of machines
  •  Hiring specialists and guns
  •  Proper alignment of firing guns
  •  Dynamic Graphics
  •  Arcade holds potential interesting content


  •  Some major story missions are a boring and time taking

Verdict – 8.5/10

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Author: Mr. Maurya

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